Food For Thought – Awaken the Senses (Urban Thai, Jan. 21, 2014)

On Tuesday, BeyondYVR went to Food For Thought: Awaken the Senses, a set of presentations hosted by Urban Thai Restaurant in Yaletown. A partnership between FHS Events and Dine Out Vancouver, it was a reception interspersed with some vocal performances and a fashion show.

Being a fashion show in Yaletown, we were curious and a touch apprehensive about what the scene would be. We’re the kinds of people found in the back rows of a play, enjoying obscure Argentine piano music or randomly gazing at art nouveau from an open show that we just happen to wander into. High fashion with highballs is usually not our scene.

But we’re adventurous! Walking into a very fashionable crowd, we each started off with a nice glass of red and noshed on a few Thai snacks. While Urban could have easily thrown completely standard fare at us, they didn’t – satay chicken skewers, slightly sweet peanut rice dumplings in the shape of blossoms, and pad thai packed onto endive were some of the special offerings. The food was solid, and it kept coming, so the crowd was happily sated.

First came a slightly folk, slightly rock acoustic performance by Dante Jovillar. A nice voice, his songs were easy listening and good to relax into the evening. Leading into some spinning by DJ Kean, the energy was building for the fashion exposition.

It’s hard to comment on fashion because I’m not very stylish. What was nice, though, was how relaxed the atmosphere was. Urban Thai really kept the tone light, and the models didn’t take themselves too seriously. That definitely came in handy when the DJ’s music cut out in the middle, and one of the models was left showing off her outfit for more than a few minutes.

The clothes themselves seemed to be a spring and summer show, put on by Xixo leather boutique. Guests were designer Cuadra and stylist Dona, and the variety of pieces was nice for both genders. From warmer dresses with boots to leather top with miniskirts, to deck sweaters, jackets, boating shoes and the ever-essential business suit, the selection was entertaining, varied and surprisingly quite useful. I actually found myself looking at some of the pieces, thinking that I’d like to wear them.

After the show, we were treated to a few closing numbers by Solontra. Concluding the night with some power singing from a trio, this event made Tuesday a night for high fashion, lovely singing and good food.

Many thanks to Frances Hui and TicketsTonight for our tickets, and to the organizers for putting on a great event! I feel like my fashion IQ raised a few points over the course of it.

A rather special watermelon!

A rather special watermelon!

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2014-01-21 20.25.522014-01-21 20.28.392014-01-21 20.42.492014-01-21 21.13.11

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