Medieval Music – possibly my favorite Facebook page

Medieval Music – possibly my favorite Facebook page

For people with access to a computer and the Internet, there’s never been a better time to indulge an endless series of interests, whether high-brow, low-brow, serious, or perverse. The amount of content is impossible to absorb–thus, the popularity of “surfing”. It’s easy to follow a rabbit’s warren of mildly interesting links, with little knowledge and relatively little enjoyment for that matter. But the ease of time-wasting does not negate how easy it is to profit richly.

Thus, if you have any inclination in that direction at all, I highly recommend the Facebook Medieval Music page. Practically every link posted is a mini-education in itself. Not all posts are in English, but see that as an opportunity for a bit of multilingual exposure. I’m so very far from an expert on this subject, but the path of learning is very enjoyable indeed. The cultural explanations are fascinating, and the music is beautiful.

Just now I am listening to this song:



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