What’s happening around town? Some tips to find out

If you live in Vancouver, you can find interesting events and gatherings any day of the week. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can frequently find free and low-cost events. Art openings, wine tastings, theatre productions, concerts in any genre you can think of, readings, multimedia mashups, films, lectures, comedy; very quickly you will realize you need extensive multi-presence abilities to take in a fraction of what Vancouver has on offer.

Yes, keeping up in any meaningful sense can be overwhelming, because there is so much happening. So don’t try. Rest assured you will indeed miss dozens of high-quality, life-changing events because you forgot to look at Twitter one day. Luckily, though, the pipeline of upcoming events is crammed, so you’ll soon have the opportunity for more even if you just missed the best thing ever.

I recommend these methods for keeping up, or at least getting a sense of what’s happening.


Vancouver has many social media bloggers who focus on keeping up with events, and they tweet a lot too. Use their work. I follow numerous Vancouver people, places, and companies on my @Beyond_YVR Twitter account. Just click on “Following” (I can’t link directly), and start following the ones that interest you. For starters, take a look at @Miss604, @VancouverScape, and @VIAwesome.

Georgia Straight

This weekly newspaper is a tried-and-true lister of events. Although some events don’t make it here, some huge percentage do. You will never run out of things to do if you limit yourself to @GeorgiaStraight. I prefer reading the paper copy (anachronistic, I know), but you can find music, arts, theatre, literary, and other events online too. Oh, and I usually like the articles too.

Some great web sites

These overlap with the Twitter accounts, but both provide good information. I’m sure to forget some, and there’s no way to make an exhaustive list. But do not neglect these.

It goes without saying that all of these sites, plus many more, have Facebook pages too. So Like those pages.

I attempted to use Facebook to make a list of interesting Vancouver-related Facebook pages. However, I fell behind a couple hundred pages ago. But take a look: Vancouver Culture, Food, Fun.

Don’t get tied up in knots about making the optimal choice on any given night. You can never know for sure. Just do something!

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