Review: Mahony & Sons Dine Out Vancouver $18, (Feb. 1, 2014)

The Drop

The Drop, a public artwork at Burrard Landing

I wanted to try an $18 menu from Dine Out Vancouver for a late lunch for 7-8 people. Oh, and near a SkyTrain station would be nice too. I perused the offerings, and saw that Mahony & Sons Dine Out menu looked appealing, although I was a bit dubious about Italian and Thai food served at an Irish pub. 

We were given a table that was semi-secluded, although not isolated, and it worked really well for my group. Those sitting on one side of the table had a partial view of Burrard Inlet. This would be a wonderful place to visit in warm, sunny weather if you had outside seating, or just sitting in a window seat any day of the year. 

Among us, we tried the papaya salad, the beet salad, chicken and vegetarian Thai curries, seafood risotto, and the dessert options (Guinness chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, vanilla bean gelato sundae, and a cheese platter). One diner chose the lamb sandwich. Sadly, I was not living up to my obligations as a food blogger, distracted as I was by so much intelligent conversation, so I will skip the pictures. But everyone seemed to think that this was a great deal, particularly for $18, and those of us who had tried other Dine Out options thought it might be the best deal of the lot. The service was efficient and pleasant.

I didn’t properly interview anyone for details, but I had the beet salad (good temperature, good combination of textures, fresh), the seafood risotto (even though I’m not a prawns fan, the rest sounded so good I went for it anyway, and it was perfectly done, although a bit rich), and the cheese platter (I wished for the same thing at other Dine Out restaurants, where a sweet dessert was really not wanted) which had just the right combination of nuts, fruit, cheese, and honey. 

I did poorly at taking pictures of the food, but I did snap a picture of “The Drop”, which depicts a “large, gentle ‘raindrop’ captured in its descent at the moment of contact”. For once, I felt reassured that I had not misinterpreted a piece of contemporary art. Before or after, take time to stroll through Coal Harbour. Exquisite confections are available at the nearby Leonidas and Bella Gelateria. Anatolia Express looked like an interesting store. And a waterfront walk around here is always going to be just about the best thing ever. 

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