Hardline Productions Presents “BUG”

Hardline Productions Presents “BUG”

Hardline Productions lives up to its name. Among others, I particularly remember how compelling and harrowing “Cautivos” (about a torturer who has the tables turned on him, or does he?) and “Medea” (a play by Neil LaBute, about parents who kill their children) were. “BUG” looks like it will be similarly compelling.

Love. Drugs. Bugs.

Hardline Productions follows their 2013 hit Of Mice and Men with a biting psychological thriller by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts.

Directed by Sean Harris Oliver (500 Days to Mars), Bug is an unconventional love story between Agnes, a lonely cocktail waitress living day-to-day in a rundown motel, and Peter, an AWOL solider with conspiracy theories so crazy they might just be true . . . Written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of August: Osage County, Bug will have you buzzing from start to incredible finish.

Featuring Bob Frazer, Genevieve Fleming, Jay Clift, Melissa Oei, and Raphael Kepinski

I have seen Genevieve Fleming in various productions around town; she is sufficient reason to go see this play.

February 13 is pay-what-you-can preview night. You can buy tickets.

For a taste of suspense, view the teaser video on Facebook.

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