The Fascinating Fantastika of Zoran Živković

The mass of cultural output across countries and centuries can feel overwhelming. With a relaxed approach, one can just fish here and there and enjoy what one gets, but a greedy person (such as myself) grasps continually and always regrets what is left unseen, unread, and unheard. I am attempting to move towards contemplative enjoyment and appreciation. 

Thus, when an interview with Zoran Živković popped up in my Facebook feed, I had to decide whether to click on it. I see many more cultural articles just on Facebook than I can read, but fortuitously, I clicked on it. In the interview, Živković describes his literary philosophy, his method of composition, and his thoughts on various subjects. I then read his short story, The Teashop

The interview discusses the fantastika genre, and once I read The Teashop, I could see the parallels to Kafka. (By the way, I recommend the somewhat obscure Danish author, Meir Aaron Goldschmidt, who preceded Kafka and probably was not read by Kafka, but yet manages to sound Kafkaesque.) 

I am now eager to get ahold of some other of Živković’s work. Here’s a list if you want to also. In Escher’s Loops, Živković says, ” I tried to do in fiction what Escher did in his paradoxical weird drawings.” My curiosity is stoked.  

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