Festival du Bois in Maillardville, Coquitlam – Accordions, Saws, and More, More, More

Follow the instructions in this post from the Accordion Noir Festival.

Every so often, I find someone who is not aware that accordion music is far, far more than Lawrence Welk (great as he was) and the polka (as thrilling as that dance is). Accordions are cooler than absolute zero right now. They appear in Balkan festivals, mariachi groups, experimental music, and in all the old classic ways too.

Take a listen to Yves Lambert Trio, who are playing this weekend.

Festival du Bois celebrates the francophone community in British Columbia, many of whom settled around Maillardville. For starters (but there’s more):

The festival kicks off on Friday February 28 at Place des Arts with a concert featuring the award-winning Alexis Normand. And it just gets better!

Rendez-vous à Mackin Park on Saturday & Sunday March 1 and 2 2014 pour un weekend de folie with tuneful music, outstanding performances, interactive workshops and much more.

Visitors can also expect to learn more about Maillardville and its village, participate in fun activities, bring back some souvenirs and maple syrup, and indulge their taste buds with delicious tourtière, maple taffy on snow, homemade poutine and other tasty francophone and world fare. Or you can just relax with a beverage and enjoy some great tunes!

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