Vancouver South African Film Festival, April 5-6 (and Mies Julie at the Cultch) (and Nelson the Seagull coffeeshop too)

As mentioned before in this blog, Vancouver has an endless array of film festivals featuring all different regions and subjects. I have enjoyed the Vancouver South African Film Festival in the past, and there’s a great lineup this year too.

In addition to the film lineup, this festival is also co-sponsoring a production of Mies Julie, an adaptation of 19th-century Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s play that we know as Miss Julie in English (Fröken Julie in the original Swedish). It’s still a story of forbidden love between a wealthy woman and a lower-class man, but it’s been transposed to South Africa.

While mentioning all things South African, I would be remiss not to mention the very nice coffee-shop Nelson the Seagull, founded by three South Africans, at 318 Carrall Street. This is a cozy, pleasant place with vinyl records and interesting magazines, not to mention good coffee, superb sandwiches, tasty confections, and homemade bread (very high-quality) for sale.

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