Gallery Gachet, and “This Stays in the Room” with Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Theatre

Gallery Gachet, at 88 West Cordova, provides an exhibition space for artists with mental health challenges, and it also provides a series of classes and workshops of interest to both beginners and experienced artists. Two frequent classes are “Pottery Workshop” and “Expressive Arts”. I recommend signing up for the newsletter; here’s the March version. I have not tried the classes, but I have enjoyed several exhibits there.

“This Stays in the Room” will be playing at Gallery Gachet from March 19-30. The gallery often hosts concerts and plays (“Corporations in Our Heads” was a provocative and interesting work last year). “This Stays” is about shame and forgiveness. Admittedly, I am skeptical of the concept of forgiveness; I’m not even sure what it means, despite reading thousands of explanations. But the cast and direction look great, and the stories sound true to life, if painfully so. Buy tickets, including 2-for-1 preview tickets, at

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