Vancouver Nerd Nite (April 16 is the next one)

Vancouver Nerd Nite (April 16 is the next one)

Much as I like to think that I keep abreast of Vancouver cultural happenings, I miss a lot. There’s just too much happening, which is a good thing.

So while I was heads down working, or napping, or something, Vancouver Nerd Nite has sprung into existence at Cafe Deux Soleils, and they have already had two meetings. I had noticed this gathering in other areas, and thought it would be great to have in Vancouver. But I didn’t want to organize it myself, and lo, and behold, someone else has! A typical Nerd Nite has several thoughtful talks on interesting, often scientific, topics, and this month’s event features “The Seedy Side of Plants”, “Sex and the Singularity”, and “On Being Scientifically Literate … Particularly As It Relates to Unicorns”.

These events are held regularly at Café Deux Soleils, a café already noted for its participatory evenings of slam poetry, music, and other artsy things. Attend and make these nerdish nights a huge success.

I missed the Nerd Nite World Meetup in Brooklyn last year, but who knows, maybe I can attend wherever they hold it this year.

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