Erato Ensemble combines early and contemporary music styles in AYRE – May 24, 8 PM, St. Andrew’s Wellesley

Did you know J. S. Bach loved coffee, and wrote the secular Coffee Cantata (Kaffeekantate) about it? Are you interested in hearing a faithful reproduction and a creative reimagining in one concert?

Catherine Laub will sing the soprano aria “Ei, wie schmeckt der Coffee süsse.” Then in the second half we will hear her own inventive re-imagination. This work is essentially a mini-opera, and Catherine keeps the dramatic aspect, adding her own creative twist. All the players get to have their own sort of fun! She writes:
This arrangement of J.S. Bach’s famous soprano aria from his “Coffee Cantata” plays with the idea of acceptable addictions. The aria begins before the soprano has had her first cup of morning coffee, so she grumbles down the octave while the pre-caffeinated flute player has wound himself up to piccolo. The oboist starts as a tee-totaler before being slowly corrupted by the alcoholic bass clarinetist. The out-of-place guitarist eventually gets a bit too into the piece, taking a hit of something and going off into his own world as the rest of the piece devolves, leaving the earnest and increasingly desperate piccolo to play through to the end.

Check out the Erato Ensemble Facebook page.

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