Review: Ottawa Dance Directive, Dancing on the Edge, July 3 at the Firehall

Dancing on the Edge Festival has some attractive ticket options, like their 4-pack for $60. In addition, DOTE has some free performances.

Check the site:

For the opening night on July 3 at the Firehall, Ottawa Dance Directive put on a powerful, stunning show with an intriguing combination of three diverse pieces:

  • Fracture
  • Trembleherd Bell
  • sho me wut u gut

Fracture plays with the concept of the fourth wall. So much of contemporary dance is silent, but this is bilingual, with the performers speaking to each other and the audience.

Trembleherd Bell felt like it should be a video to a Leonard Cohen song that he hasn’t written yet. There are bells and white costumes; I think I enjoyed this one the most.

sho me wut u gut has some surprises. It is raw, powerful, sensuous.

At intermission, we got some good advice from a Vancouver performer. Don’t think in terms of narrative, but in terms of images, when viewing contemporary dance. If you want a clear path, you will be frustrated.

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