Jacques Lalonde’s Stroke of Luck previews August 20, and plays at Vancouver Fringe

Even if I can’t remember the exact production, or what he said, whenever I think of Jacques Lalonde, I start cracking up. He is just that funny. Jacques has been part of the Vancouver Fringe since forever, and always has some interesting project on the go. Jacques is not just funny–he is warm, friendly, empathetic. Hearing him read his work about his mother, like I did a couple years ago at a Fringe event, was an incredibly touching experience.

Jacques also has an amazing gift for impersonations, whether it’s Kenny Rogers, Jean Chretien, or who knows who. For a long time, I kept my paper bag version of Kenny Rogers (Jacques handed out these paper bags after a show), but finally let it go in a move. And from what I’ve heard, there are numerous wonderful shows I never saw.

But in July of last year (2013), Jacques was struck by a stroke. The news propagated on Facebook. Much to my surprise, two months later, at a Fringe show, Jacques was acting as a volunteer, reading out the Fringe announcements in various comedic accents (I remember Australian and Russian, but I’m pretty sure there were more). Jacques has been actively working to recover from this brain injury, and he is making great progress.

And just as always, Jacques cannot miss an opportunity to create another great Fringe show. So here we are, with the preview of Stroke of Luck happening August 20 at the Orpheum Annex. The show will then appear in the Vancouver Fringe in September.

Read more about the show here: http://railtownce.blogspot.ca/2014/07/jacques-lalondes-stroke-of-luck-stroke.html