The Particulars (one-man show featuring Nathan Barrett, written by Matt Mackenzie) at PAL Theatre, starting November 11

Tickets for The Particulars

Thanks to Railtown Cultural Eclective for much of this information.

I am curious about The Particulars. Here’s the description of the play as I received it now:

The Particulars is the story of Gordon. By day he forges systematically ahead, in control of every aspect of his life…but by night, the scratching which he has begun to hear in his walls is unravelling him, driving Gordon to the edge of cosmic desperation.

Help — I can’t stop itching after reading that! I am definitely intrigued. I’ve read there will be echoes and hints from Kafka and Saramago.

Both Barrett and Mackenzie are on an upward trajectory in terms of their theatrical careers. Barrett has been getting excellent reviews for this play all across Canada, and he has recently appeared in 4000 Miles with Nicola Cavendish (if you don’t know who she is, find out!). Mackenzie is a playwright who has been having great success and recognition from almost the very start of his career less than five years ago, And just as a matter of current interest given Liberia’s current predicament, Mackenzie has previously worked as “Liberian Dance Troupe Canadian Liaison”.

I am curious about Nathan Barrett too, as I have learned that he is a dedicated environmentalist as well as acclaimed actor. He has done long-distance cycling fundraising campaigns to fight against fracking. He is very concerned about climate change.

I have read about some previous productions of this play done with a male and female actor. So I’m not sure if the play has evolved or if this production is just different. Let’s see what happens! I have a strong suspicion that Mackenzie’s work in Liberia is a significant influence on this play.

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