“And to all a good night!” – have a wonderful 2015 and enjoy your winter holidays

puebla(photo by me, in Puebla, Mexico in December 2012)

Thanks to all of you blog readers. I love hearing from you. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy some reviews, and find out about some events and places. I’m always having the feeling that I would like to write more, say more, and do more, but one day passes and then the next. I’ve been to many wonderful places this year, and I feel the “Beyond” part of BeyondYVR has not been explored enough. Not that I’ve kept up with all the Vancouver events either, as we are so fortunate to have a plethora of exciting events almost any night of the week.

If you are frantically considering a holiday gift, let me once again make a pitch for theatre and concert and festival tickets and passes. Firehall Arts Centre, Gateway Theatre, Stanley, Arts Club, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Vancouver Recital Society, Early Music Vancouver, and the list goes on and on – you can find some wonderful gifts for your loved ones at all of those places (and you can easily order them online).

Bored at the thought of going home straight after work–there’s probably an interesting play you could go to instead. It’s a fine balance, but I suspect you will find yourself energized by theatre and the experience of something new.

If you can volunteer (and not really that much work either), you can often get free passes to various events. Plus, you help make the events possible. Arts and culture are not exactly overfunded in Vancouver–anything you can do to attend, volunteer for, fund, or publicize the great work that happens every week will help keep this valuable cultural work going.

Read VanCityBuzz, the Georgia Straight arts listings, Vancouverscape, Miss604, and many other fine sites to find out what is happening in Vancouver. If you want help finding something, post on my Facebook page, or send me a message.

Enjoy the last few days of 2014 in the Julian calendar, and I hope to hear from you again next year!

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