Reviews: Misfit Blues and Weaver Woman (Dancing on the Edge Festival, until July 11)

Dancing on the Edge Festival focuses on varied and innovative dance performances. You are sure to see something challenging and different, no matter which of the many shows you pick.

Misfit Blues and Weaver Woman could not be more different, but they both demonstrated excellent performances.

Misfit Blues, developed by Paul-Andre Fortier, is minimalist. It includes theatrical elements that reminded me of a Samuel Beckett play. The movements are geometric, angular, and spare. The color palette is also minimal, solid colors in neutral tones. Often there is no soundtrack, but when there is, it’s an electronic drone. The man and woman dancers, enact various phases of a relationship, have a universal quality

Credit Xavier Curnillon

Weaver Woman, based on a traditional folktale found throughout Asia and presented with Chinese and Japanese and Korean elements, is a visual and aural extravaganza, combining traditional Chinese and Western instruments, beautiful costumes, and projected visuals. “A woman in a window, some stars, the rain and a man crossing a river…” The storyline is clearly spoken. An abstract sculpture hangs from the ceiling, and as the evening progresses, various colors and abstract Asian-language characters are projected on it. The music is soulful and evocative.

Credit Trevan Wong

These are just two of the many performances in this year’s festival. The programme is broad and exciting. Take a look!

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