Blue Tango Project, with Maria Volonte, September 17 (Orpheum Annex)

I have visited Argentina and Buenos Aires, and was thrilled with the art, music, and tango scene there. In a country where a painful past continues to reverberate into the present, I felt such a sense of energy and élan. If you go, and are at all interested in the arts, please visit Clásica y Moderna. At your computer right now? Look up Mercedes Sosa, Leon Gieco, and Jorge Cafrune on YouTube.

I am glad that we are going to get that Buenos Aires spirit, in particular that of La Boca (a colorful and gritty district), here in Vancouver. Here’s a typical La Boca street (photo credit Railtown Cultural Eclective).laboca Tango did not start off with any aristocratic pretensions. A commonly accepted history is that tango originated in the brothels frequented by working men in the district, but some see its history as somewhat more complex. In any event, in the music of tango, one can easily hear an affinity to flamenco, to fado, to the blues. This is art borne out of hardship.

With the Blue Tango Project, acclaimed Argentinian singer and songwriter Maria Volonte will be partnering with the blues artist Kevin Carrel Footer, who have together pioneered a fusion of tango and the blues.

The Railtown Cultural Eclective’s Trier Series provides a showcase for the amazing talents of both Vancouver and international artists. The support of City of Vancouver Theatre Rental Grant Program has made it possible to present this occasional series at Vancouver’s intimate performance venue, the Orpheum Annex.

Blue Tango Project appears Thursday, September 17 at 8pm, doors open at 7pm, Orpheum Annex, 823 Seymour Street. Tickets are $20 and available at For more information email or call 604-836-9943.

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