Clustering Vancouver Fringe shows by theme

Vancouver Fringe shows

My organizational self keeps wanting to group Vancouver Fringe plays, although generally they are completely unrelated. Because Fringe plays are chosen by lottery, any overarching themes are coincidental. But that does not stop me.

The Inventor of All Things and The Exclusion Zone both feature nuclear physics. The Inventor of All Things is about the quirky and unbelievably brilliant Leo Szilard, who should be as well-known as Einstein, but somehow isn’t. Featuring noted performer Jem Rolls, I expect this will sell out soon. The Exclusion Zone is about the Chernobyl disaster, and features Fringe favorite Martin Dockery. Starstuff: Per Aspera Ad Astra has physics embedded in it too, but not specifically nuclear physics.

Spilling Family Secrets and Fire in the Meth Lab are about exposing the secrets of one’s family–and about oneself. Self-revelation and self-exploration is a common Fringe theme–a huge percentage have some aspect of this, in part because the Fringe setup is perfectly suited to one-person shows. Going On and Brain are two examples of plays that explore and reveal the self.

Magic, dance, vaudeville add fun and are a nice break from serious dramas. The New Conformity uses juggling and dance and martial arts, and Vaudevillain uses magic and vaudeville. Bear Dreams features dance and music.

These are just a few examples of some pervasive themes. I know there are many more. Have fun reading the catalogue (available at Blenz and at each venue, or just read the listings on your phone.

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