Review: Oh the Humanity, and Other Good Intentions (last performance September 16!)

This set of five plays has a simple setup. There’s an athletic coach giving a press conference about the team’s losing season. A spokeswoman gives a press conference updating the public on an airline crash. A woman bristles with lack of sympathy for her partner’s suffering as they head off, or possibly don’t, to his father’s funeral. A man and a woman, separately, have to make promotional videos of themselves, and find it hard to think of anything promotional to say. A photographer and his assistant try to compose a reenacted photo from the Spanish-American War.

This is dark, black, comedy noir. The actors, Maryanne Renzetti and Brad Duffy, sparkle in their solo and duo performances. These plays rely almost exclusively on the skills of the actor to wittily convey excessive honesty and oversharing. The simplicity of the arrangement allows the talents of these thespians to shine through.

I read one comment that Will Eno’s work can be rather cold. That is true, but it’s more like shivery recognition.

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