Firehall Arts Centre 2016 begins with some harsh realities – The MotherF**ker with a Hat, and Huff

The Firehall has had some hard-hitting drama productions in the past few years. The recent “Social Studies” looked at the impact of bringing a war refugee in to live with a Canadian family. “God and the Indian” was an unsparing look at Aboriginal trauma resulting from residential schools, and the well-positioned people who created and enabled this trauma. Firehall is located in the midst of the Downtown East Side, and I’ve always appreciated how Firehall works with this milieu to reflect community concerns and realities (another example was “maladjusted”, which was packed by locals when I attended a few years ago).

So it’s fitting that the first two productions of 2016 continue this realistic approach. “The MotherF**ker with the Hat” looks at what happens to a recovering addict after he leaves prison, and it will not pull any punches. I’m looking forward to seeing this show next week. “The MotherF**ker with the Hat” starts with previews on January 16, 17, 19, and a matinee on January 20, before the opening on January 20 at 8 PM and continuing until January 30. You can see the cast in the picture below. Read more and buy tickets!


(Photo credit: Dan Rizzuto)

“Huff”, which is coming up at Firehall February 2-6, is a story of “solvent sniffing, suicide and sex abuse” (as described by CBC). Written by the Cree playwright Cliff Cardinal, it looks at the bleakness faced by children after their mother’s suicide. Find out more on the Firehall site.



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