Review: Nerdf***er (Vancouver Fringe)

Cameryn Moore has a bold reputation as a Fringe artist. Five years ago, she brought Phone Whore to the Vancouver Fringe, and I’m still recovering from that.

Cameryn Moore is bold, large, and seems fearless. The other works I have seen from her, Phone Whore and Slut Revolution, seemed significantly autobiographical, so I was expecting Nerdf***er to be also. In the preview during Fringe opening night, she did an excerpt describing her love for nerdy or geeky boys which had started back in 7th grade, with a boy who enjoyed listening to Rush, reading Ayn Rand, and discussing that God was dead.

But Nerdf***er is not particularly a celebration of nerdy men, nor is it autobiographical in the same sense as Moore’s other works. When the play opens, her character is preparing to be a human chessboard, in anticipation of a game where two world-ranked players will move their pieces on a board painted on to her broad back.

Ultimately, this one-woman show is about how women are crushed both by the outside world and by their acquiescence to disrespectful and abusive behavior. Teenage girls have to give up on chess at the park when players start making crude sexual remarks. Women of a certain size are encouraged to be pathetically grateful for sexual attention, despite the unpleasant strings attached. Women are encouraged to support men who are creating, and doing, and orchestrating, but their abilities and talents are underrated and discarded.

I appreciate that Moore has moved into a vulnerable space with this work, compared to her others. I think women in particular will find it extremely relatable, and I hope others who attend will find it instructional and empathy-inducing.

Yes, there is nudity, so keep in mind the age limits.

At the Fringe until September 17:

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