Review: Space Hippo (Vancouver Fringe)

I love the trend towards shadow puppetry. When combined with actual human actors, as is the case here, I like it all the more.

In Space Hippo, by the Mochinosha & The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company, the charming Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanai are narrators, characters, and puppet masters. Yanai speaks only in Japanese, but don’t worry–you’ll understand everything you need to know. I have a soft spot for multilingual theatre. Very few of us live in a monolingual world where we understand everything we hear around us, so it only makes sense that theatre might duplicate that experience.

The premise of the play is, as is par for the Fringe, whimsical and absurd, and I’ll let you learn it when you see it. But let’s assume for now that a hippo has been shot into space, and that the hippo has numerous adventures, and the hippo is highly significant and symbolic vis-a-vis life on earth.

This might be seen as a children’s production, but in fact is is 14+ due to violence.  The play has plenty to keep adults interested. The absurdity and cuteness might be too much for you, but I found it perfect for a Fringe production. Enjoying a 45-minute play that is radically different from any you have seen before is always worthwhile.

Until September 18:

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