Review: The Ballad of Frank Allen

The Fringe, whatever city you are in, is exactly the place to bring theatre productions that are wacky, zany, and perhaps incomprehensible. If you can make them witty and funny, all the better.

The Ballad of Frank Allen, by Weeping Spoon Productions, features two Australians, and although I have not worked out the equation, I have found that the odds of a production being wacky rise exponentially when the performers originate from the Antipodes. If you have seen “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, or read about Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels, then you might see some parallels to the story of an unfortunately and involuntarily shrunk janitor who now spends his life entangled in the beard of an erratically employed young man who loves to drink. Lots of comedic dialogue, physical comedy, and musical performances enliven the action.

Some plays can start to seem all the same. This will never be the case with The Ballad of Frank Allen. Never will you confuse it with another play. I admit that in the last third or so of the play, I started to lose track of what was happening. There’s a viral video, some science gone wrong, some threats. Pay closer attention than I did.

Until September 18:

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