Review– Widow: A Comedy

Many Fringe productions, understandably hampered by a low budget as well as the need to have an easily packable traveling kit, often skimp on the sets. I noticed immediately that Widow: A Comedy, by Instant Theatre Productions, has a reasonably convincing bar set up, complete with neon sign (Owen’s), and this setup adds significantly to the ambiance of the play.

Have you ever told a really stupid lie, and not known how to get out of it? Have you done anything embarrassingly wrong, and gotten caught? Even if you haven’t, you undoubtedly know someone who has. This play really gets to the inherent awkwardness of human relationships, and how easily they can go wrong.

The play relies on the old standard of a neighborhood bar full of regulars, a watchful and observant owner who doubles as bartender, and an intriguing visit from a stranger. The characters have good chemistry, and you can both cheer for them and wince at the same time.

Describing the plot would be too much of a spoiler, so just see for yourself, at the Havana.

Until September 18:

Want a teaser? Watch this YouTube video:

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