Vancouver Fringe Festival is happening! (Sept. 8-18)

I will be reviewing the plays I’ve seen so far in a short while. But let me just encourage you to start attending.

On September 8, I attended the very fun opening evening where several dozen lucky winners get to provide the audience a 2-minute preview of their shows. The pressure is on to be entertaining, poignant, dynamic, and beautiful. These actors succeeded handily.

My reviews for the shows that I have seen so far:

Now for shows I have not seen ….

It should go without saying that you must see any show featuring Jacques Lalonde. This year, he is doing the clearly original Trump: the Musical! And when he’s not performing, you can see the always affable Jacques running around Fringe venues, wearing a very distinctive wig. Jacques often sells out, so consider booking ahead.

Are you overwhelmed by the choices? That’s understandable. Consider not making any choices at all, except by location. For example, go hang out on Commercial Drive, and decide to hit the plays that work out most conveniently, at The Cultch or Havana or the Portuguese Club. Or head to the Firehall Arts Centre. Or, of course, head to Granville Island for a stunning set of choices. Speaking of the Portuguese Club, Festa! allows you to partake of the club’s excellent food while you are watching the performance. Portuguese buns are delicious, as is the wine, the cheese, the … everything.

You have many, many options. Be sure to peruse them at


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